Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Leon Thomas

Leon Thomas began his career as a vocalist for the Count Basie Orchestra in 1961. His distinctive singing style included grunts, groans and yodels. He claimed to have developed it when he broke his teeth one day before an important concert. He is best known for his solo work and his work with Pharoah Sanders but he also recorded albums with Santana and Archie Shepp. Here he is from the 1979 Warsaw Jazz Jamboree singing “Let The Rain Fall On Me” which is from his 1969 solo album “Spirits Known and Unknown.”

I have decided to start a new movement to make all future songs include some form of precipitation. This song is just more evidence that rain songs are ALWAYS brilliant!  Though, and not to cast any aspersions on the character of the late Mr. Thomas, but judging by the droopiness of his eyes and the mellowness of his manner, I’d say this particular storm was more of an acid rain. But hey, it takes all kinds of weather to give life color. Just look at all the pretty, pretty colors…


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