Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

The song “You’re Looking At Me” is from the 1957 album “After Midnight” which Murry Horwitz of the American Film Institute says might be Nat King Cole’s “greatest album of all time.” I couldn’t find any information on when Bobby Troup wrote the song but both he and Cole recorded it in 1957 so I’m guessing it was written the same year.

The NPR radio transcript where I got the Horwitz quote also mentions that Nat King Cole didn’t start singing until later in his music career and only then did he become a real superstar. Bobby Troup, an outstanding composer and a fine pianist, also started singing later in his career and it was at that point that he became an actor. One of my favorite comedians once said an important lesson he learned while working in television was “I can’t sing, but it’s alright for me to sing.” That works great if you’re a comedian. If you’re a musician, not so much. Thank goodness Bobby gave us so many wonderful songs and thank even more goodness that other people have decided to sing them!


Comments on: "Looking At Nat King Cole. Better Yet, Listening to Nat King Cole!" (2)

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. We’ll follow up. Also, I love music. I’m sorry English is not very good:)

  2. […] There was a State Dinner at the White House yesterday where guests heard music from some of today’s top jazz performers. Among them was 4 time Grammy winning artist Dianne Reeves. Dianne came from a musical family. Her father was a singer and her mother a trumpet player. She started singing professionally in 1976 and soon began touring with Billy Childs, Sergio Mendes, and Harry Belafonte. In 1987 she was the first vocalist signed to the reactivated Blue Note label. She has won 4 Grammys for Best Jazz Vocal Performance and she is the only singer to have won the award for three consecutive recordings (2001-2003). Here she is in 2004 on the “New Morning In Paris” show singing “That’s All.” The song was written by Alan Brandt and Bob Haymes in 1952 and it was first performed by Nat King Cole. […]

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