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April and Nino NO! NO!

Nino Tempo and April Stevens are a brother and sister singing duo. They began their career in the 1960s and they had several hits including “Deep Purple” and “Whispering.” Their website brags that “few musical acts have covered such a wide spectrum of styles.” To be fair they are both talented and, I’m sure, lovely people but some of those musical styles they really, really should have left alone! Remember how I said I loved soundies? Yeah, well pass me the ketchup because I’m about to eat a giant plate of my own words! Here is a Scopitone video of the hilariously awful remake of Wilson Pickett’s “Land Of 1000 Dances.” Even Pat Boone said “Damn, that’s the Whitest thing I’ve ever heard!”

“Land Of 1000 Dances” was actually remade several times. Wilson Pickett’s version is the most famous but it was not the first. Chris Kenner did it first and Cannibal And The Headhunters added the famous “Na na na” hook. There have been lots of other remakes by everyone from Bill Haley And The Comets to Joan Baez. Even Scopitone tried it one more disastrous time; but after I got done laughing at the Nino and April video I declared it to be the WORST version I’d ever heard. But wait, don’t put that ketchup away yet because after I said that I found this little gem:

My eyes!

P.S. There are 16 dances in the original version of the song.


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