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Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks got his start working as a writer on “Your Show Of Shows” with Sid Caesar and Carl Reiner. He went on to create “Get Smart,” one of my all time favorite TV shows. Three of his movies made the American Film Institute’s Top 100 Comedy Films Of All Time list. Every Mel Brooks movie I’ve ever seen has at least one really fantastic musical number because Mel is also a great composer and lyricist. In 2009 he received the Kennedy Center Honors. Here is the star studded tribute to Mel Brooks’ music that was performed that night.

I really like Mel Brooks’ work which is why it’s odd that I had never seen or even heard of “The Twelve Chairs!” It occurs to me that the knowledge gap has probably cost me several of my hard earned “super creepy fan girl” points. Ah well, a few hours genuflecting in front of his star on the Walk Of Fame should fix that. Or maybe I’ll just rent the DVD and enjoy a healthy snack instead… But no schnitzengruben! There are children present!


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