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Pearl Bailey

We interrupt our string of drummers to bring you this special post:

How on earth have we made it this far with no Pearl Bailey? Pearl’s father was a minister so she got her start singing in church. She quit school at 15 to pursue a career in show business which, thank heavens worked out for her and for us! Today’s clip is from the 1947 movie “Variety Girl” which was made to highlight the good works of the Hollywood charity Variety Club. The song is called “Tired.” I just think Pearl looks so young and beautiful in this clip!

Were there any ugly people in the 40s? If so I’ve never seen them. I look at the movies from the time, family photo albums and pictures online and it seems like everyone was gorgeous all the time. One look at my standard weekend attire quickly confirms the conclusion that glamor is dead but I wonder what the heck happened? I have no way of knowing for sure but my inner octogenarian is convinced it has something to do with rock and roll music and dungarees! He would also like you crazy kids to get off his lawn but I don’t think that’s fashion related.


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  1. Great ! Wonderfull post, greetings for the blog too, by NotitiAe.
    We suggest our link, photoes and video at: Gabin


    Simona Molinari international star at:

    Good reading… in Italian but musica is internationale… No?

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