Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Caterina Valente

Caterina Valente is a talented singer, dancer and actress. She came from a show biz family so she made her performance debut at the tender age of 5. Her professional career began in earnest in 1953 when she was hired as a singer in the Grock Circus. In two short years she had her first international hit record with “Malagueña.” She went on to record hit albums in a dozen languages. She also starred in numerous feature films. Caterina retired in 2003 leaving a truly impressive legacy. Here she is singing Paganini’s “Moto Perpetuo.” I imagine some time must have elapsed between that breathless introduction and the fabulous performance.

Speaking of Moto Pertetuo, due to a bout of temporary insanity, I have invited 40 children to my daughter’s birthday party this Saturday. The worst part is, apparently a LOT of them actually plan on showing up! If you are within eyeshot of this post and you want me to survive through Saturday, please, pray to whatever gods you worship that there will be a city wide outbreak of chicken pox this weekend!


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