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Wicked! Awesome!

Heidi Jo Gilbert is a very talented Disney animator. She hails from Utah and is a big BYU football fan but she migrated to California to study at CalArts. Heidi Jo is also a fan of the musical “Wicked.”   Variety reports that a live action movie adaptation is in the works. The LA Times reports that it’ll probably be in 3D. Heidi Jo would love to see it made as a traditional animation movie and she’s made an animatic (an animation composed of story boards) as a plea to Steven Schwartz. NBC removed the video from YouTube claiming copyright infringement so I can’t embed it but you can still view it on her blog. I agree with her completely. It’s gorgeous and very worth the extra clicks so please watch!

Here’s Heidi’s beautiful drawing of Elphaba so the middle of this post doesn’t look naked.

Elphaba by Heidi Jo Gilbert

I have not seen “Wicked” but I have seen the “sequel” and I am a bit concerned. Death by water bucket is not my idea of a traditional Disney happy ending! I’d go and find a play synopsis online but I have the book in my “to be read” pile and I don’t want to spoil the ending. It’s really a moot point anyway. They aren’t going to do it Heidi’s way. It’ll be a Hollywood 3D blockbuster starring the busty girl from “Glee.” (I’ve never seen Glee but I’m sure there must be a busty girl.) I’ll end up watching it when it shows up on Netflix because it’s a musical and I am me but I’ll definitely be mourning what could have been. Ah well, it just means Disney will be all the more eager to acquire my new Snow White story which would be great as an animated film. See? I’m always working angles! (“Always” here meaning “never.”)


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