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Philly Joe Jones Plays My EKG

Philly Joe Jones started out in 1947 as the house drummer at Café Society where he played with many of top bebop musicians of the day. His biggest influences were Tadd Dameron and Miles Davis. He toured with Miles for a few years and in 1958 he started leading his own groups. In 1968 he moved to London and became a music educator. In 1981 he the group Dameronia which played the compositions of his mentor Tadd Dameron. Jones continued working with the group until his passing in 1981. This is a drum solo is featured on a DVD series of solos I believe. No song here. Just rhythmic awesomeness. Side note: Apparently jazz man is not an occupation that comes with a dental plan.

The solo quite accurately mirrors my heart rate at the moment. Why?

My T-Minus Two Days Until Party Checklist

  • Room reserved: Check!
  • Decorations acquired: Check!
  • Gifts bought: Check!
  • Cake ordered: Check!
  • Alarmingly large guest list: Check!
  • Nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something vital: Check!
  • Vow to join a “No holidays allowed” religion: Taken!

Please excuse me while I go spend a relaxing evening with my head tucked between my knees…


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