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Rhapsody In Rivets

Now for a bit of cartoon music appreciation, here’s “Rhapsody In Rivets.” It’s a 1941 Academy Award nominated Merrie Melodies directed by Friz Freleng. The song featured is “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2” which was composed by Franz Liszt in 1894. It’s the second in a series of 19 rhapsodies. It’s been used in lots and lots and LOTS of cartoons so I couldn’t begin to tell you which one I saw first but at some point I probably saw them all.

Even though some of the other cartoons featuring this song were probably more significant, I picked this one because it debuted on December 6, 1941. One day before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and changed the US forever. I doubt many people remember where they were the day before a historical event happens. I know I never do. Still, it’s nice to think that at least someone remembers marking the “end of the innocence” with this fantastic film.


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