Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

I may shamefully hide my Manilow love in the closet but I wear my Phoebe Snow fandom with pride! The song in the video was not on the CD I was listening to this weekend but I chose it because we most definitely “Let The Good Times Roll” in Detroit!

Twenty (mostly) middle aged nerds gathered, hugged, ate, laughed and basked in each others’ company to begin the evening’s festivities. Some of us already knew each other but many of us had just met for the first time. It didn’t matter of course. There aren’t any strangers at a MSTie meet-up. One of my new friends leaned over to me and said “It’s like I’ve known you for ages!” I took that to mean she was comfortable in my presence though I suppose it could just as easily have meant every minute in my company is like an eternity in hell… Nah! Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening with me?? We could find a karaoke bar with “Mandy” on the playlist and sing it over and over and over …Hello?


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