Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

As promised, here is the final chapter in my riveting travel saga. Even though India Arie is a 21st century artist, she was born in the 70’s so I decided it counts! Plus I have a total girl crush on her. I picked the song “Little Things” because I want to talk about a couple of little things that made me smile in Michigan.

I am absent minded. Again, it is part of my charm. I’ve never burnt anything down or blown anything up with my forgetfulness but I did once take off on a road trip without any shoes. That should give you some idea of just how “charming” I am. One thing I almost never seem to forget is my camera. I have lugged it to nearly every nerd gathering I’ve been to for the past 2-3 years and I have yet to snap a single photo. A couple other people have snapped pics on my camera for me (usually with disatrous results) but I haven’t taken one… until now. Were they photos of the fantastic friends I met along the way? Why no of course not! Were they photos of the stars of the fantastic show I saw? Don’t be silly. Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you the two photos that I, the right Reverend (yes, really a reverend) Beautiful O. Mind, took during the Detroit Tweet-up:

First up, this beauty from the night table in my hotel room:

It’s a No-Smoking ashtray. That’s right, a No-Smoking  ASHTRAY! It just… I can’t… huh?


Riddle: What kind of garden is still fragrant and beautiful in February in Michigan?

I bought two ridiculously expensive truffles and savored them a nibble at a time all the way home.  I am now of the opinion that all of life’s journeys should end with expensive chocolate. Look for my self help book with the same title out next Fall.


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