Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

I got this one from film critic Roger Ebert‘s Facebook page yesterday. He posted it with this quote from illustrator Patrick Girouard:

“One night about a month ago, just before going to bed, I posted a 30 second silent video to my Facebook page showing the progress of an illustration as I painted it. During the night, without my knowledge, my son Marc wrote and recorded music for it and then extended and reedited the video. This is what I found in my inbox the next morning.”

The music was composed by Marc Girouard. I couldn’t find a separate title for the song but I assume it’s called “L’aquarium” too. I just think this is neat!

Here at House Beautiful we have had one fish, two fish, a red fish and now we’ve got a blue fish! His name is Nemo Bruce and he’s a crowntail betta. The Beautiful Girl didn’t know that Bruce was the nickname of the shark from “Jaws” when she picked it, but I did so I was amused. Nemo’s fretful momma regularly and enthusiastically checks his vitals. If his fishy heart can take the hourly startlings, I’m sure he’ll have a long and happy future here.

Edited To Add: Lousy irony. Moments after I posted this, Nemo Bruce was found dead in his tank. I tease the girl (on the blog only of course) but she really did take good care of her fish for the one day it lived. RIP Nemo Bruce.


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