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Daylight Saving Time

Many people credit Benjamin Franklin with the whole notion of Daylight Saving Time. He wrote an essay in 1784 suggesting we’d save money on the cost of lighting our homes if we switched the clocks (It turns out Ben may have been wrong about that). It has been in common use in the US for more than 100 years. The Uniform Time Act of 1966 made it so that all of us who observe the custom do it on the same day. Now, at 2am on the second Sunday in March, almost everyone in the country loses an hour of sleep which makes the second Monday in March National Zombie Day.  So everyone grab a giant cup of industrial strength caffeinated beverage and a plate of freshly harvested human BRAAAIIINNSS and enjoy this Grandpa Jones number which, I think, expresses national sentiments pretty well!

Happy DST all!


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