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Oh God It’s Friday

So… 13 year old Rebecca Black started taking voice, and dance lessons at the age of 10. She joined a “patriotic singing group” which performed in more than 50 shows. At age 11 she signed with a modeling agency and starred in a local commercial. Now at 13 she has landed the lead role in her middle school’s version of “Oklahoma” and she has made her first music video. Here’s “Friday.”

My first thought was, “What is a 13 year old is doing painted up and driving around with “car” aged kids in the middle of the night?” But after I turned off my brain’s “automated Mom response” mechanism, all I could think was “Poor baby.” This video has had over 2 million views on YouTube and the feedback has been overwhelmingly negative. Remember that sickening “I wish the earth would swallow me whole” feeling you got when you were in junior high and you did something embarrassing and it felt like the whole world was watching and pointing and laughing? Yeah, well what if the whole world actually WAS watching and pointing and laughing?

Of course my sympathetic response begs the question, has Beautiful lost her Mind? Does she actually like this song? No, I think it’s awful. But I’m old and my dislike is in the natural order of things. I honestly don’t think she’s any worse than any other tween idol market creation out there today. It’s just that her song and video are more poorly produced. I feel like a bit of a ghoul even posting the poor girl’s shame but, in my defense, I truly hope she can use the viral success of this video to launch a nice, college nest egg building 15 minutes of fame. Besides, when I post these viral videos it drives traffic to my blog! What can I say? I have attention seeking issues. So mock the poor girl if you must. Just look at ME while you do it!


Comments on: "Oh God It’s Friday" (6)

  1. Wesley Stamper said:

    I guess I don’t watch enough music videos to know what it is which makes this one any worse than the rest, but surely the lyrics: “Tomorrow is Saturday/And Sunday comes afterwards” could have been omitted without damaging the integrity of the song as a whole?

    • Actually I don’t think it can on account of zeitgeist er whatnot…

    • Oh. I just realized I completely misheard that line. I thought she sang “Sunday comes after words” and I was thinking of other things that come after words like eating good food if you were raised in a religious household, or kissing if you snuck out late to ride around with car aged kids.

  2. […] been a lot of loose talk lately about young Rebecca Black having made the worst music video ever. But let us, for the sake of argument, take a look at Mr. […]

  3. Francheska8180 That sounds like a great idea 😉

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