Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Once again it’s time for cartoon music appreciation! “Hearts And Flowers” was composed by Theodore M Tobani in 1893. Unremarkable and largely forgotten lyrics about the lovely Marguerite were added in 1899 by Mary D. Brine. The song was often used as musical accompaniment to the dramatic scenes in silent films but we probably all remember it as the Looney Tunes “go to” song for melodramatic moments. Here’s a 1908 recording of the song performed by the Victor Orchestra.

I chose this particular song when I was watching the episode of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” where Buffy is dealing with the death of her mother. I swear every time I see that episode I bawl like a… um… like a really sad bawling thing that’s not a baby because that’s too cliché. There’s not much music in the episode but the song they play when Buffy is talking with Angel about her fear of the future sounds a lot like “Hearts And Flowers.” I’m an unapologetically sappy and soft hearted movie weeper but even I’m preprogrammed to laugh or at least roll my eyes at any scene that has “Hearts And Flowers” playing in the background. Somehow, though, Joss Whedon made even this anthem to melodrama (or a song remarkably like it) work exactly as it was originally intended! Yay Joss and yay “Hearts And Flowers!”

PS For any Buffy fans that may be reading this, I liked Angel but I actually think Spike was a MUCH more interesting character!


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