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Blood, Guts, and Gormley

There’s been a lot of loose talk lately about young Rebecca Black having made the worst music video ever. But let us, for the sake of argument, take a look at Mr. Mark Gormley. Mark is a retired marine who wrote and recorded most of his music in the mid 70’s. He didn’t release his first music video until 2006. The videos play on a cable access show called “The Uncharted Zone” and when they got posted on You Tube he became a bit of an internet sensation! His most popular video “Without You” has more than a million views. I don’t want to make a habit of posting stuff  like this  but… well, this is special.

In an effort to cover ground not previously covered in the Gormley discussion, I am actually going to attempt to say something positive about this. You know how they always say “It won’t kill you to say something nice!” I certainly hope that’s true…

To be fair, the guy just made himself some vanity music videos for fun. He never intended for this to happen. (See? I can totally do this. Please ignore the twitching in my left eye.) There’s no auto tune on this track. He actually can carry a tune pretty decently. (Woah, I don’t think that vein in my forehead is supposed to bulge like that.) And the song… the lyrics… I mean, they’re not terrible exactly… (AARGH! Stabbing pain! I think my brain is trying to smash it way out of the back of my skull! Can’t… Go… On…)

Test Pattern

Test Pattern

Today’s blog post has been cancelled due to technical difficulties. We will resume regular broadcasts again tomorrow… hopefully.


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