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NOTE: A few days ago I listened to a podcast from The Chronic Rift called Revenge Of The B Movies. It reminded me of a couple dreadful musicals I’d always wanted to see. I was thrilled to find them both streaming online so this is officially Cheesy Movie Review Weekend!

Here’s a clip from the 1973 musical remake of the movie “Lost Horizon.” The movie was such a critical and box office bomb that it earned the nickname “Lost Investment” in entertainment industry circles. It was only released to the home market once, on laser disc of all formats. The song is called “Question Me An Answer” and it was composed by Burt Bacharach with lyrics by Hal David. It’s performed by Bobby Van. This was Bobby’s last big screen song and dance number.

I can sum up this film in three words “pretty and boring.” The director said the problem with the movie was the bad score but, if you ask me, the music is the only thing that saves this turkey. I wish there had been more music but apparently a lot of songs had to be cut because test audiences laughed at the ridiculous staging of the numbers. I will concede that this might not have been exactly the right soundtrack for the movie they were making but that’s because they were making a stink bomb! Say what you want about the movie but I won’t hear a word against the music. I guess you could say, on this matter, I have totally got Burt’s Back… arach. (sorry)


Comments on: "Question Me An Answer Bobby Van" (4)

  1. Thanks so much for listening. Are you a regular or did this topic appeal to you?

  2. Kevin Lauderdale said:

    Hi, I was on the podcast. Bobby Van is the highlight of the film. Whenever the camera turns to him, and he’s dancing or singing (even if the lyrics are silly), that’s the only time that the screen lights up with energy. He’s clearly having a good time.

    • Bobby’s number is definitely my favorite but I liked them all. I won’t watch the movie again but I’ll definitely watch the musical numbers!

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