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NOTE: Here’s the second and final movie review for Cheesy Movie Review Weekend. Check out Revenge Of The B Movies to hear how the pros do it.

“Sextette” is a 1978 film adaptation of the play “Sextet” which was written by Mae West. Mae plays sexy American movie star Marlo Manners. Her leading man, Sir Michael Barrington, is played by Timothy Dalton. At the time the film was made Ms. West was 84 and Mr. Dalton was 32. The song they are singing is “Love Will Keep Us Together” (Sedaka, Greenfield 1973). The best known version of the song was recorded by The Captain and Tennille in 1975. This is a remake and it’s… a remake.

Okay, this is a terrible, terrible movie. The music is dreadful, the plot is ridiculous and the jokes are so old they’re dusty. I gotta tell you though, I love it completely, unconditionally and unreservedly! I laughed out loud at Mae West’s recycled one liners, I bopped along to the terrifyingly disco-rific soundtrack and I LOVED the idea of an octagenarian sex symbol!

People get squicked out by the notion of elder sexuality but it’s a reality we’ll all face someday if we’re lucky. Besides, why should we put an upper age limit on being intimate and feeling attractive and desirable?  Since we as a nation are (sorta) working towards ending other senseless bedroom taboos, we might as well add this one to the list. I hope all the sassy seniors out there who are willing and able are trussing up those hips and bringing sexy back!


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