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I Am Woman

And now it’s time for a music video from the “Child Of The 70’s”  collection! This is from a 1975 episode of “Midnight Special.”  “I Am Woman” was Helen Reddy‘s first #1 hit. Wikipedia says it was also the first #1 hit by an Australian on the US Billboard charts (though I wonder where the heck Olivia Newton John was…) The UN named 1975 International Women’s Year and they chose “I Am Woman” as the theme song.

Just listening to this song swells my proud feminist heart to the bursting point! (Yes, that is pride enlarging my heart and not the seven pounds of bacon wrapped pork fat I ate at lunch.) Nowadays women are reluctant to call themselves feminists even though most of them agree with the tenets of the movement. It seems the word itself has become synonymous with “radical  separatist lesbian dominatrix.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of those terms of course. I’m sure they describe some feminists quite accurately. It just doesn’t describe most of us. Take me for example, I am a feminist, but I’m not a female separatist, a lesbian or a dominatr… well okay there was that one guy but that definitely wasn’t politics. But I digress. The point is the meaning of the word has gotten terribly distorted over the years and that’s a shame. I think we need to come up with a better name, something strong yet feminine, like “Battle Kitten!” Yeah!


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