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Bad Moon Rising

Continuing our “Child Of The 70’s”  series, here’s Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising.” John Fogerty says he wrote it after watching the hurricane scene in the 1941 movie “The Devil And Daniel Webster.” In a Rolling Stone interview he said the song is about “the apocalypse that was going to be visited upon us.” I haven’t done a study, but I’ll bet you this is at least in the running for the title “Catchiest Apocalypse Tune Ever Written.”

I posted this song not only because it’s an awesome 70’s tune, but also because just a few days ago, the bad moon rose right here on this blog! Someone was displeased with the fact that I hotlinked a picture from his/her site so they replaced the image with a photo of…er a moon. WARNING: This is a link to the image. It is pink, cavernous and XXX rated! Click on it at your own risk!

I wondered what that person’s deal was so I Googled up some info. The problem with hotlinking is that it steals a bit of bandwidth from  the site where the image is hosted. For people using free sites, that’s really not a problem. But for people who are actually paying for that bandwidth, hotlinking is a serious issue. It can affect the site’s performance and, depending on how many people link the image, it can also be costly. So, from now on I will only link to images I know are hosted on free sites that can handle the traffic. I will also add this incident to the surprisingly long list of valuable life lessons I learned from giant a$$holes.


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