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Classical Gas

Mason Williams wrote “Classical Gas” in 1968 while he was working as the head writer for “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.” He recorded and re-released the song several times, most recently for his 1987 album “Classical Gas” which he recorded with the group Mannheim Steamroller. I don’t know what show this video is from but I know he appeared on The Smothers Brothers show several times so let’s just go with that.

Gas is very much on my mind as vacation season approaches. I have at least one trip a month planned for the summer and they all involve long drives. Gas prices are already chest tighteningly high and they will only rise as summer approaches. Since it’s probably not advisable to take out a second mortgage on the house for our trip to Mall Of America, perhaps the girl and I should plan to make all our trips chemical instead of physical. They make St. Joseph’s Chewable Acid For Children don’t they?


Comments on: "Classical Gas" (2)

  1. Wesley Stamper said:

    Far out, man! Your “vacation” video could become the next “Kid After a Trip to the Dentist” viral sensation!

    Of course, there would be the stray moral elitist who claims that doing drugs is “wrong”, and that giving drugs to children is, quote, “very wrong indeed”, but imagine the thrill of seeing your video spoofed on whatever cable show spoofs such videos!

    As someone who just learned that running out of razor blade refills and batteries on the same day will take care of a $50 dollar bill right quick, I can appreciate the wisdom of your frugal solution!

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