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Paul McCartney was inspired to write “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” in 1969 after a few of his fans broke into his home through a bathroom window. As far as I could tell no one (except Paul) suffered any negative consequences from the act. I guess the 60’s were truly the salad days for crazy stalker chicks.

Joe Cocker covered the song in the same year for his self titled album. I don’t know when this video was shot but it seems like it was done around the time of the album’s release. You Tube commenters say the guitarist here is pianist Leon Russell. It sure looks like him to me!

I see a lot more bathroom windows these days than I ever did in my youth. Exponentially increasing potty breaks are just one of the exciting bonus features you get when you join the 40+ club. It’s not so bad usually. I get a few extra minutes each day to sit and meditate. I like being able to take time to stop and smell the… okay maybe that’s not the best saying to use in this situation, but you get the idea.

The one downside to it is that, at my house, I have a downstairs bathroom and an upstairs bedroom. I’m just going to let the older bladders in the room silently contemplate the horrors of such an arrangement. Suffice it to say there have been times, in the wee hours of the morning (they don’t call ’em “wee” hours for nothing), I have seriously considered voluntary incontinence… again!


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