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Leon Russell

Leon Russell just got inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in February of 2011. Plus I just mention him a couple posts ago so I thought I’d add him to the blog. He started playing piano at the age of 4 and by the time he started high school he was already performing in night clubs in Tulsa, OK where he was raised. He worked as a studio musician and a side man for many years then started writing and recording his own songs in the late 60’s. Here is one of his most famous tunes, “A Song For You.” The video is from the 1971 “Homewood Sessions Featuring Leon Russell And Friends” which originally aired on PBS out of Los Angeles.

We are back in our Home Wood (“Wood” here meaning corn field) after an all too short but great weekend away visiting family. I talked about the walk-a-thon I did for MS in yesterday’s post. One of my Beautiful Cousins, who lives with the disease, organizes a team walk for the event every year but this is the first time the Beautiful Girl and I got to participate.

I also got to participate in a trivia night fundraiser for breast cancer (my Beautiful Aunt is a survivor). It probably won’t come as much of a shock to anyone to learn that my particular strain of the Geek Infection makes me rather good at trivia games. We had a great team of similarly afflicted geeks (3 of them relatives) we all knew the answers to the most of the questions but I was able to pull off a few great team saves. I must give the credit to one Mr. Frank Conniff for one of my moments of brilliance though because, back on April 4, he posted the “Magnificent Seven” theme song to celebrate Elmer Bernstein’s birthday. I blogged about it on April 6 and when it came up during the “Movie Theme Song” category I knew the title immediately! We didn’t win but we did end the evening with a respectable 910 points out of 1000 and we raised a good chunk of change for a worthy cause. The weekend was so full of great fun and good deeds I might just have to knock off a liquor store to restore karmic balance to the universe!


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  1. watchout4snakes said:

    I saw Leon Russell in concert in 1971!

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