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Blind Blake

Blind Blake was a brilliant musician who developed the ragtime guitar technique. He recorded about 80 tracks for Paramount Records between 1926 and 1932. That’s pretty much all anyone knows about him. No one is exactly sure where he was born, how he died (1933) or anything that happened in between (except the music).. The song here is “Early Morning Blues.” It was the first song he ever recorded.

I have long been fond of ranting that I was forced to become an early riser by my life circumstances. Lately though I begin to worry that my internal clock may be reconfiguring itself. I fear I may be drifting toward morning personhood. It’s not that I’m going to bed any earlier mind you, it’s just that the older I get the less sleep I need so I find myself waking up earlier and earlier. Sometimes I’m even awake before the child and I don’t even resent it! If this craziness keeps up I might start voluntarily getting out of my bed and positively interacting with other humans before noon! That’d be a total nightmare… that I’d have to wake up from really early every morning!


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