Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Breakfast Club

DJ Z-Trip (aka Zach Sciacca) came onto the hip-hop scene in 2001. His first major label album was called “Supernatural” and it was released in 2005. The song “Breakfast Club” which is today’s video was on that album. It features the talents of rappers MURS and Supernatural. I have never heard any of Z-Trip’s other work and I only heard this because it was on the  Cartoon Dump Facebook page but it’s fun! YouTube’s Jffan4evr uploaded (and presumably created) this video in 2007.

I have always loved cartoons and this song was a nice walk down memory lane. I truly believe though, that I grew up in the cartoon dark ages. Most of the animation that came before and after my youth was so much better than the barely drawn, poorly written garbage that I “endured” (okay “loved” but only because I didn’t know any better). I recently showed my Pixar Baby an episode of “Clutch Cargo” (which I never missed as a kid) and she recoiled in horror. “Mom, this is freaking me out!!” I guess this is just another fine example of “They don’t make em like they used to.” But in this case I think it’s safe to add “Thank God!”


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