Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

“Steppin’ Out With My Baby” was composed by Irving Berlin for the 1948 musical “Easter Parade.” Tony Bennet had a hit with the song in 1993 and today’s video apparently got quite a bit of air play back in those ancient times.

Because I am a hopeless romantic (or, more likely, because I’m a glutton for punishment), I’ve decided to throw my hat back into the dating arena. I’d love to regale you with hilarious dating horror stories but, I’m sad to report, there haven’t been any. I’ve just had a couple of nice conversations and a tentative coffee date. It’s hardly suitable material for the  juicy tabloid style blog posts you’ve come to love around here. Still, it’s only been a week so far. Maybe it takes a fortnight before all the really good nut jobs come popping out of the woodwork.


Comments on: "Stepping Out… Well Maybe" (2)

  1. Wesley Stamper said:

    Bonne Fortune to you, but I wonder if this first question on the questionnaire you are making dudes fill out in the qualifying rounds might not be causing some fellows to worry needlessly that you *want* them to answer “C”?

    You have a scab on your elbow. Do you:

    A.) Leave it alone. It’s nature’s Band-Aid!

    B.) Pick it and leave little bloodstains everywhere that you rest your arms.

    C.) Salivate at the thought of the savoury epicurean satisfaction only coagulated blood can provide

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