Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Hit The Road

Frank Sinatra once called Ray Charles “the only true genius in show business.” I don’t buy that but he definintely is one of the greats. Billy Joel said Ray was “more important than Elvis Presley.” That I do agree with, but I’m biased.

The girl and I are hitting the road this weekend. Well the trail anyway. It’s beautiful out and I need to get these bones moving and taking her should be an adventure. Last time we went she did not see the point in walking  just for walking’s sake. “Yes, yes, those flowers and trees are pretty but where are we GOING Mommy?” She’s older now and more skilled in the ways of the pout so this could get… challenging. I had planned to pack sliced fruit bottled water as a trail snack but maybe I should Starburst and Kool Aid. After all, nothing makes a nature lover out of a belligerent seven year old like refined sugar, artificial flavor, and chemical dye.


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