Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

“Your Cheatin’ Heart” was written and recorded by Hank Williams in 1952 but it was released after his death in 1953. Many artists recorded the song but the most popular version was recorded by Joni James in 1953. According to James’ biographer, news of Hank Williams’ death came during the recording session. While Ms. James is a very talented singer, I wasn’t particularly crazy about her version of the song (a bit passionless for the subject matter if you ask me). Patsy Kline did a great version but I couldn’t find a live video.  Hank Williams never got the chance to perform it live for an audience himself so here  is Ray Charles from 1981.

I’ve been seeing other blogs… well writing other blogs… well one other blog anyway. It’s got stories and thoughts and posts that I don’t really want to share with friends and family, but that I’m much too narcissistic to keep to myself. I’d love to say the other blog is dark, sweet, complex, and sensual like a black forest cake but really, it’s just light, tepid and a bit dirty like sun tea. So, in conclusion, my other blog is lemony and refreshing but stay away or it might give you botulism… Okay clearly my metaphors need a bit of work. The point is, sorry I’m being neglectful!


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