Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

This clip is from “Jack Benny’s First Farewell Special” which aired in January of 1973. It features Isaac Hayes singing his Oscar-winning “Theme From Shaft.” He was the first African-American composer ever to win an Oscar. Even though I have never actually seen the movie “Shaft,” I LOVE this song! I probably sing or quote portions of it weekly.  I’m sure friends and family find this enchanting and delightful and not the least bit annoying.

I bought myself a blaxploitation movie box set with some of my birthday money. I get why some experts use “exploitation” when they talk about this genre but I love em! (Well some of them anyway.)  The powerful female characters inspired afro dreams and platform shoe aspirations that still live in me today. That’s why I’ve named and written (extensive) back story for the blaxploitation lady cop costume I’m wearing to Chicago Comic Con. It’s an homage and an indulgence for my inner child and NOT a desperate cry for help!


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