Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Here’s a clip from the 1979 movie “Life Of Brian.” It features Eric Idle singing “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” which Idle wrote for the movie.

So, today kinda sucked. Car broke down, spent 7 millennia waiting for a tow truck so a  million errands didn’t get run, shower started leaking again less than six months after I got it repaired, and children and animals are driving me nuts! (This is totally their fault and can’t possibly have anything to do with my mood). I never really think of myself as a Polyanna but there I was waiting for that truck and I found myself playing “The Glad Game.”

Sure the car broke down but it did so right next to a big, breezy shade tree so I didn’t melt or burst into flames while I waited. Also, I think there’s something about a car with its hazards blinking that brings out the best in humanity. At least 5 people stopped to offer to help me. I tell ya, if they took blinking tail lights into peace talks, we could probably end all wars!

The car is working now, the shower and the errands will keep for another day and the beasts and children will eventually drift off to slumber land. Most importantly though, I discovered a tiny miracle on a sun baked thermal cash register receipt in my car! Just look at what mythical creature appeared in the black stuff.

It’s South Park’s own Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo! Ah, I can just smell the blessings coming our way!


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