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Off The Record

I love “Yankee Doodle Dandy!” The movie, of course, is about George M. Cohan and in this scene Cohan is starring in Rogers and Hart’s aptly titled political musical “I’d Rather Be Right.” I’d love to see a revival of this play. It’d be great to see just how much has “changed” in American politics in the last 80 years.

My Beautiful Girl is really starting to get into musicals. We have had a lot of fun watching some of the children’s classics like “Mary Poppins,” and “Sound Of Music,” and of course all the fabulous cartoon princesses. But lately she has also been getting into the modern Disney ‘tween musicals too. I’ve been “Cheetah Girled” and “High School Musicaled” to death these past few weeks. I have no idea how my child could love such dreadful movies. She can’t possibly have gotten her love of cheesy cinema from me!

The previous post was brought to you by “Spouting statements completely in opposition to the facts in evidence: If it works for the government and the media, then it can work for the rest of us too!”


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