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Harry O

On 8/22 my friend wrote:

“To this day, the debate rages: which was the better “Harry O” opening credit sequence. What it this one…”

“‎…Or was it this one?”

The beautiful music for this 1973-1976 TV show was written by Billy Goldenberg who was also responsible for the theme song for Kojak and Rhoda (one of my favorite guilty pleasure theme songs). Of course, the answer to the great debate is neither. The best version is, of course, the first version:

The character Harry Orwell had a bad back and walked with a bit of a limp. I mention this because I like a character with a bit of a physical flaw. In fact, in all the stories I’ve written, I don’t think I’ve ever written a hero who didn’t have a physical flaw.

Harry Orwell is also a private detective and I love a good mystery. I have never written a mystery though. I tried once but gave up about three pages into the first chapter because I convinced myself that, since I already knew the ending, it would be obvious to everyone else who read it too.

Farrah Fawcett played Harry’s love interest in the show which is a coincidence because she’s also been the love interest in every story I’ve ever written too! Okay that part is a lie. I’m really just trying to sit here and type long enough to give our annual bat visitor time to wake up and get the hell out of my bedroom! I’m hoping three paragraphs will do it. If not, I may just have to dust off that mystery novel and give it a whirl. I’m sure I was over reacting when I thought the answer was obvious. Nobody will ever guess that the butler did it anyway… D’oh!


Comments on: "Harry O" (4)

  1. A mystery with a bat in it might be cool

  2. I speculate that Frank maybe got interested in Harry O was Cab Calloway guest starred in an episode, according to Wikipedia. Having never seen the show, I didn’t know Harry had a limp. Cool!

    Is the bat gone yet?

    • Since I have not seen the bat in two nights, I have decided to declare it gone even though I never actually saw it leave. Actually, it’s probably just found a nice quiet corner to hibernate in but as long as I don’t see it then it’s win-win!

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