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It Takes A Thief

On 8/24 Frank wrote:

“The age old question persists to this day: which was the better “It Takes A Thief” opening credit sequence? This one…”

“…or this one?”

Dave Grusin wrote the theme song and I really like it. I wish he’d recorded a full length version. The show ran from 1968 to 1970 and it featured Robert Wagner as Alexander Mundy, a man who was hired by our government to steal things and score with hot chicks. I worked for the government for 13 years so I can say with authority that  it’s a startlingly accurate depiction of life as civil servant.

Frank feels the second video is superior. He says, “I vote for this one. To me, “It Takes A Thief” opening credits are just not “It Takes A Thief” opening credits without ‘Look Al, I’m not asking you to spy, I’m just asking you to steal!'” That’s a strong argument to be sure but I have to go with the first one. I think the images summarize the premise of the show better plus the music verges on disco-rific which is often a plus in my book. I do wish they’d kept the quote though.

Whether you agree with my side of this great debate or the wrong side, I think we can all agree that this “It Takes A Thief” opening written by Eddie Freeman (for the European market I’m guessing) is NOT the best.


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