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What’s My Line?

Here’s a very neat clip of Beatles manager Brian Epstein from the game show “What’s My Line?” This episode aired on October 18, 1964. It seems like he was there to promote his biography “A Cellarful Of Noise.” Tony Bennet was also on this episode.

There’s no music in this clip so here’s the song “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.” The internet says this was written about Brian and the fact that he had to hide his homosexuality. I wonder what it would be like to have to omit such a large part of who you are from your own memoirs (I haven’t read the book but I’m assuming he did since it was illegal to have gay sex at the time).

I’m currently about a third of the way through a “write a novel in 100 days” challenge on another blog. I write too slow to do it in a month. It’s a nice leisurely pace that lets me write the occasional post on this blog too without feeling overwhelmed with all my self imposed stuff to do. I will put up a link to a chapter or two once I’ve done a bit of editing. I’m sure my unseen writing projects are endlessly fascinating to everyone but it’s actually not what I wanted to talk about today.

I have never written a biography but I have always thought my great grandmother would make an excellent subject. She was a woman of many accomplishments at a time when few women, let alone Black women, were allowed or expected to do much. I have her story on my list of things to write about. I never knew the woman so the account will have to be highly fictionalized. But don’t worry, I will use the films of the time to make sure the story is historically correct. I’m not quite sure we can work in the whole “mammy” thing but since she was a math and science major at school, I will be sure she gets the finest sparkler powered Flash Gordon style space ship I can imagine.


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