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A-Z Ladies Of Music I

I is for Ivie Anderson. Ivie is best known for her work with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. But she also appeared in several musical shorts and a few feature films including the Marx Brothers “A Day At The Races.” Ivie developed chronic athsma in 1942 which cut her career and her life tragically short but she did leave a decade’s worth of fantastic music. Here’s a Duke Ellington soundie featuring Ivie singing “I’ve Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good.”

When Ivie contracted athsma, she quit singing and opened a chicken restaurant. I noticed that quite a few women on this list opened small businesses after WWII when the demand for female musicians fell sharply. I learned, in order to encourage women to leave factory jobs, there was quite a push in some states for women to open small businesses that capitalized on their “domestic skills.” This is just one more example of why it’s good I wasn’t born in the olden days. My domestic skills would have been way too advanced for the so-called “greatest generation.” For example, my “Complaining While Bilious” business plan is clearly more suited for the Facebook age. Please contribute generously to my Kickstart page.


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