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A-Z Ladies Of Music J

J is for dancer Jeanette Hackett. She and her partner Harry Delmar toured vaudeville’s famed Orpheum Circuit and they were superstars. After vaudeville died, Jeanette found work behind the scenes in movies and Harry became a producer of some note. Apparently, during the war, someone remembered Jeanette and formed a dance ensemble using her name. They made a few soundies featuring dancers who were hired more for their cheesecake value than their actual dancing ability and musicians who clearly had no idea how to play the instruments they’re holding. The results need to be seen to be believed. Here’s a 1944 soundie called Southland Swing.

Why would I choose to post about a non-musician and then use a terrible music video which doesn’t even feature the artist? What can I say? I told you I’d cheat!


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