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A-Z Ladies of Music T

T is for jazz drummer Terri Lyne Carrington. Terri got her first drum set at age 7. The set had belonged to her grandfather Matt Carrington who played with Fats Waller and Chuck Berry. She played her first major performance at age 11 at the Wichita Jazz Festival. By 12 she’d earned a full scholarship to the Berklee College of Music. In the late 80’s, Terri gained recognition as the house drummer on “The Arsenio Hall Show.” Terri also  toured extensively with Herbie Hancock. In 2011, she recorded an album with “The Mosaic Project,” an all-star, all female jazz ensemble. This is Terri playing “Virtual Hornets” from Herbie Hancock’s “Future to Future.”

My daughter and I monkeyed around with music lessons last summer but next month she will be starting proper piano lessons. She is 7  just like Terri Lyne was when she started. I think she’ll be pretty good at it but even if she’s not, my Facebook audience can expect videos of my budding young Beethoven. Be kind with your comments folks, nowadays she reads all her press!


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