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Most Sensational Inspirational Celebrational Muppettational April Fools Day

The Muppets made their television debut in 1955 with a series of 5-minute shorts called “Sam And Friends.” They also appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” before they made their first appearance on “Sesame Street.” Today’s clip is from the 1978 “Muppet Show” series.  I don’t see many Muppet blooper reels so this was a real treat. It’s got Muppets and music plus it’s pretty darn funny. I can’t imagine a better video to post on April 1!

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!


Joe Bushkin and Pets and Me

Joe Bushkin composed Sinatra’s first hit “Oh, Look At Me Now.” He played on Billie Holiday’s first record and, when Joe was in his 60s, Bing Crosby convinced him to come out of retirement for his (Bing’s) last tour.

NOTE: What follows has nothing to do with Joe Bushkin. It’s just what we happened to be discussing where I originally posted this. I have tacked on a non-sequitur tag and I now present it to you for your reading pleasure!

Technically my first pet was a goldfish named Ralph, but I adopted quite a few stray outdoor cats before old Ralph** came along. I can’t tell you the name of the first one because I often use it as my “forgot your password” question and I just know evil hackers have been clamoring for that last vital piece of information in order to break in to my Greatest American Hero fan forum account. Those bastards… Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, Joe Bushkin is awesome!

**Ralph actually did live to be quite old. Either that or my mom just kept replacing him. In any case I’m pretty sure there must have been at least two Ralphs ’cause the thing lived to be about 5!

Roamin’ With Jobim

Jobim saves my sanity in winter. When the windchill outside is trying to freeze off all of my favorite extremities, Jobim’s songs allow my mind to escape to a warm Caribbean island holiday.

Jobim had a very successful career in his native Brazil before he came to prominence in the English speaking world when he collaborated with Stan Getz, and husband and wife team Joao and Astrud Gilberto on the 1963 album “Getz/Gilberto.” He enjoyed international acclaim continued working until his death in 1994.

I’ve already played a few Jobim songs on this thread but there are lots more great ones! Here’s “Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)” from a “Getz/Gilberto” re-release.

I’m headed out of town next weekend! No I’m not going on a Caribbean holiday unfortunately. I’m taking off to the Great White North! Well, Minnesota anyway. I’ll get to see Josh Weinstein’s stand-up act at the Acme Comedy Club on Saturday. Then I’ll do fun touristy stuff with friends new and old. Then I’ll round off the weekend with a trip to “w00tstock!” What’s a w00tstock you ask? I have no earthly idea except it’s a show that features some people I like. It was inexpensive and a good excuse to travel and meet cool people while I get my laugh on. (You can tell by my lingo that I’m hip and down with the street. Right?)

I’ll definitely hang a camera around my neck and, as usual, I probably won’t take a single picture with it. I will write a report though and put it down here because I think it will have a chance of being seen but I can’t think of any musical tie in. Minnesota is a great state to be sure but I don’t really think it’s known for it’s swingin’ jazz scene. Ah well, if no one brings up a song around that time I may have to choose something myself then bend the segue to its breaking point to make that post fit! (’Cause I’ve never done that before you see…)

Morning Becomes Ecclectic And Possibly DEADLY!

“Morning Becomes Eclectic” is an adult alternative radio show broadcast from KCRW Santa Monica. KCRW a public radio station which carries NPR programming, talk radio, and free form music shows.  The “Morning…” show also streams online for anyone who is interested. Here’s the link:


It’s three hours long so I didn’t listen to the whole thing. I did skim through the songs though and even though I’d never heard most of them, I found I liked about 60%. That’s probably not enough to make this a regular podcast listen for me but it was a cool break from my normal nerd listening fare.

I knew exactly two songs from the broadcast. One was Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” and the other was Hot Chip’s “I Feel Better.” I like Erykah’s song and it has a nice jazzy feel. The video’s got controversial strippin’ too so check it out if you’ve got the time. I decided to go with Hot Chip because the video is beyond bizarre. I had to post it! It’s the official promotional video and it was directed by British comedian Peter Serafinowicz. The pretty boy band featured in the video is not the actual Hot Chip btw. You might want to prepare your puzzled puppy head tilt in advance. Enjoy!

A mind is a terrible thing to waste on driving. Who wants to concentrate on a mundane commute when there are vast mental landscapes to explore. I once spent a three and a half hour drive creating an elaborate plan for solving all the world’s problems. It’d work too and all I’d need are several advanced degrees, a time machine, and a vast personal fortune. The trip was safe, uneventful, and carnage free (probably). Naysayers might call me a “crazy dreamer” or a “grizzly vehicular homicide waiting to happen,” but I believe my dreamy driving could be the key to the salvation of mankind!*

*What delusions of grandeur?

Dave Brubeck and My Beautiful But Untidy Mind

I know I probably should have uploaded Bing or Judy doing “Easter Parade” today but honestly I’m just not that in to Easter music. I’m listening to Dave Brubeck. Here’s a live video of the song “40 Days” which is from the 1966 album “Time In.” It was the last of Brubeck’s unusual time signature albums.

I once read that very bright people often have cluttered environments. I’ve been using that one for years! “I’m not lazy! I’m gifted!”

Miles and Melancholia

I doubt melancholia is ever beautiful but “Blue in Green” and “Flamenco Sketches” certainly are. They’re both on the album “Kind Of Blue” which is probably the best selling jazz album of all time. Authorship of the song “Blue In Green” has been debated. In this album’s liner notes Davis is credited with composing the tune. But when pianist Bill Evans covered the tune on later recordings his notes say Evans-Davis. One source even says Evans alone wrote the song. Either way, both songs were very heavily influenced by Bill Evans. Please enjoy!

Melancholia is an oddly pretty word for such a devastating disorder. It’s a severe mood disturbance characterized by persistent depression and psycho-motor disturbances. It is easy to imagine Davis or Evans suffering from melancholia. It seems so many of our most brilliant creative minds struggle with mental illness. Does beauty come from suffering? I’d love to think it doesn’t but I honestly don’t know. I choose to believe that if there was some sort of genius centrifuge that could separate the madness from the gift, we would end up with a lot more Lady Day and a lot less Lady GaGa.

Bird and Memories of My First Ride

Totally left field train of thought inspired by today’s video: I think the improved ability to detect and diagnose “disorders” in children is a mixed blessing at best. (Thought has nothing to do with my kiddo. She’s fine.)

Charlie “Bird” Parker was brilliant and, like many geniuses, left us too soon. The internet says there aren’t many live performances by him on film but You Tube has a few. I chose this one with pre-bent trumpet Dizzy Gillespie because I love them both. It’s from 1951 and the tune they’re playing is called “Hot House.” Apparently the two men were not friends. All accounts indicate that Charlie’s addiction did not make him very pleasant company. Luckily, for these two men, friendship was not a prerequisite for great music.

Back in the late 90’s when I lived in California I drove a 1978 Dodge. It didn’t have a rag top but a couple of the windows sorta worked. When the wind blew just right, I could actually detect the aroma of springtime orange blossoms over the scent of burning motor oil. To this day the smell of imminent engine failure makes me pine for my San Fernando Valley home.

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