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Billie Holiday @ Woo Me . Com

Duke Ellington and Irving Mills wrote “Prelude To A Kiss” in 1938 but this Billie Holiday version was recorded in 1955. If you compare this recording to the one in my previous post, you can clearly hear what time, illness, and addiction had done to her voice.  If you ask me though, the superb command she has over her frail instrument and the depth of feeling she pours into this tune make this the superior kiss song.

Somewhere near the beginning of this blog I talked about the awesome power of early 20th century woo. This song is the perfect example. With repeated exposure to beautiful melodies and heart stopping lyrics like these no wonder “The Greatest Generation” went on to have so many babies! Nowadays the preludes to our kisses often arrive via email exchange. There’s absolutely no poetry or passion it’s true, but at least the communication is clearer. It’s probably best that we’ve dialed down the woo factor anyway. With modern fertility medicine, woo could result in a baby boom that would give China a run for it’s money! By the way, just what the heck are they putting in the love songs over there??

Gene Kelly, And Doggonnit People Like Him!

This fantastic number is from the 1955 movie “It’s Always Fair Weather.” I was convinced I’d seen this one before but I watched some other clips of it and realized I hadn’t. I think I’ve just watched the skating number so often I convinced myself I knew the whole film. Please enjoy the amazing choreography and the song that lets Gene put the “fun” back in dysfunctional.

I’m sure Gene wasn’t being the least bit codependent! I’m sure once his enabling girlfriend helped him to see himself through the healing perspective of her loving eyes and recognize all the wonderful qualities that were there all along he never wallowed in self doubt again. I’m also sure that, after hearing that said girlfriend was smitten with him, the fact that Gene Kelly wandered off and did a lavish and mooney eyed love song and dance number not to her but  to himself  is not a warning sign at all. Those crazy kids should proceed with alacrity to the nearest altar!

Honestly though I think most human beings are just giant bundles of neuroses and most of our relationships are codependent to some degree. Perhaps the key to happiness is finding someone with the same color emotional baggage as you and trying to put all your pieces together to make a matching set. **

**Look for this and other meaningless platitudes in my exciting new self help book. Coming this fall!

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