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Room 222

Room 222 was a comedy-drama series which ran on ABC from 1969 to 1974. It earned three Emmy Awards during its run. Jerry Goldsmith wrote the beautiful theme song. It’s one of my favorites plus it’s a TV theme song with numbers in it, two things which viewers of my blog seem to like.

I used to think the instrument here was a flute but now I’m pretty sure it’s a recorder. It could be an ocarina or something else altogether but I’ve conveniently decided ignore that fact. I have also decided that I NEED to learn to play this song! I’ve ordered my ten dollar “How To Play The Recorder” kit so, if all goes well (and what could possibly go wrong), I’m just a few weeks from fulfilling my dream! If I manage to figure it out (and that’s a really big IF), I’ll upload a video of myself playing the tune and write a blog post about it. I can just envision the opening blurb now… “Beautiful Mind was only 43 when she started to learn to play the recorder. Her career was cut tragically short by her crippling lack of attention span…” It’ll be better than MTV’s “Behind The Music” if you ask me! (It’s probably good that no one ever asks me…)

It Takes Two To Appease The Masses

“It Takes Two” was written by William Stevenson and Sylvia Moy and it was recorded in 1965 by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston, Stevenson’s wife. The song became Kim Weston’s biggest hit and Marvin Gaye’s most popular duet. It’s also a fantastic song. Enjoy!

Some of you are probably asking yourselves “Why this song? Why now?”  Well I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that there usually is no rhyme or reason to why any song gets posted here. But this particular tune is here because the tens of adoring fans who flock to my blog daily demanded it! Okay, honestly, someone (probably accidentally) typed the number 2 into a search engine and it led them to my blog for some reason. I felt compelled to give them something to find if it happens again. Hmm… maybe I should do a few other number songs just to cover all my attention seeking bases.

Stan Kenton with June Christy

I thought I’d play “Tampico” today which is a song I first heard on the Crystal Telephone radio podcast a few weeks ago.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that You Tube has the soundie! Here’s Stan Kenton and his Orchestra with June Christy in living black and white.

My how times have changed since 1945! Back then when we went to war after an attack on American soil we actually won. No one in the movies was allowed to even hint that sex existed and yet that generation went on to make enough babies to completely crush our Social Security system. Now this song tells us that people used to travel to Mexico to buy cheap, shoddy souvenirs made in the USA! If it wasn’t for the pesky little problems of rampant racism and sexism, I’d build a time machine and start selling vacations to our glorious past immediately. I’d market it as ” Bizarro World Holidays” and I’d make a fortune!

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