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Blog For (Women’s) Access Day

I thought Sunday was Blog For Access Day but it’s actually today! It is pretty tough for musicians with disabilities to gain prominence , but it’s even tougher for women with disabilities! Here are some awesome ladies who made it happen.

First up, Grammy Award winning  jazz singer Diane Schuur who has been blind since birth. Here she is singing “The Very Thought Of You” (Ray Noble, 1934).


Next up, Peggy Lee who had Meniere’s disease which causes slight hearing loss and tinitus and vertigo. Near the end of her career, complications from diabetes also meant she gave some of her spectacular live performances while using a wheelchair. Here she is performing “Fever” (Cooley, Davenport 1956) which was one of her biggest hits.


Dinah Shore contracted polio as a child which left her with a lifelong limp. Here’s Dinah with Peggy Lee singing “I’ve Got Rhythm” (Gershwin, Gershwin 1930) and forming a dynamic women with disabilities duo!


Cher has had the kind of career longevity that most artists can only dream about. She also has dyslexia. Here she is singing her first US hit “Gypsys Tramps And Thieves” (Bob Stone 1971)


Grammy nominated singer Melody Gardot had a traumatic brain injury which left her with memory loss, chronic pain, and hypersensitivity to light and loud noise. During her recovery, she used music therapy which helped her to discover her amazing talent. This is Melody singing “Baby I’m A Fool” which she wrote herself.


Finally, rapper Foxy Brown contracted an (unnamed) illness which caused her to lose her hearing for several years. In order to continue recording during that time, she had an assistant tap on her shoulder to help her keep the beat. This is “I’ll Be.”

I’m thrilled to be part of this celebration. Happy Blog For Access Day!!

Melody Gardot

Melody is a 25 year old jazz singer/song writer. She is also a Budhist and a Humanitarian. In 2003, a motorist struck her while she was cycling in Philadelphia. She suffered multiple injuries which left her bed ridden for a year. Her injuries have left her with an extreme sensitivity to bright light and sound. She almost always wears dark glasses. She also suffers from acute short term memory loss.

The song was recorded in 2008 and released in April 2009 on the album “My One And Only Thrill.” Melody says the song is about “two coquette people who won’t admit they are in love with each other.” When I heard it I thought the singer’s feelings had been really hurt by a thoughtless lover. But what do I know? The official video is on You Tube but I decided to go with this live version instead. It’s from the Swedish talk show Skavlan.

Ain’t love interesting? Several months ago I took a hiatus from the pusuit of romance. I just wasn’t in the mood for the chase, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. The funny thing is, in the last few weeks,  love seems to have gotten mighty interested in me. Between live encounters and suddenly active dating site profiles, I’ve had a flurry of interested suitors! In the last three weeks I’ve had one scab eater, one married “but it’s practically over between us,” one married “but she just doesn’t understand me like I know you would,” and a violent felon (alleged). The last charmer goes to court next week and he’s sure he’ll be able to prove “the b*tch was lying.” Yeesh! It isn’t always this bad but right now I’m starting to wonder if the nearest convent is taking applications.

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