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Pure Michigan Tweet Up Report Part I

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties (spent too much time watching Buffy), I will not be able to present the trip report in its entirety tonight. Instead I have decided to divide it up into a 3 or 4 part series. Some might call this laziness. I call it suspense building. Just wait until you read the stunning conclusion where I get home and eat lo mein for dinner… Oh wait, that’s a spoiler isn’t it? Forget I said that then. On with the show!

I picked “It’s A Miracle” to introduce the driving portion of this post because it talks about traveling from town to town for a show and NOT because I’m a Barry Manilow fan!  Okay fine I am. I listened to the CD several times during my drive. I’ll turn in my Black Person Club ID card as I leave. But hey, at least I get to keep my nerd credentials!

If you are familiar with my trip write-ups, you know that my travels are seldom without incident. It’s part of my charm. My last Michigan road trip was particularly disastrous but at least there was no criminal activity. This time I am a fugitive from justice! I forgot to transfer my electronic toll paying transponder thingie to the rental car and I managed to completely forget to get cash before I hit the road. I left a string of unpaid tolls up and down the interstate! (‘string’ here meaning 2) I have to call the Department Of Transportation to make it right within 7 days or face the dire consequences. I am much too pretty for prison!

Jerry Lewis Sings Bob Dylan! Sadly Not True

Okay so this technically isn’t a music video but it’s too funny to pass up! I love Martin Short and SCTV! This particular clip is from episode 7 of the 6th and final season of SCTV which ran on Cinemax.

I believe we only escaped a real Lewis/Dylan cover album by the luckiest of coin tosses. Clearly the fates allow this sort of thing to happen all the time. Debbie Reynolds “…Had A Hammer,” Lawrence Welk “…Toked Over The Line,”  Pat Boone did heavy metal and, ladies and gentlemen, this actually happened:

I don’t know why I’m drawn to things like this. It’s like a mosquito bite that I can’t help scratching. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go queue up Nimoy’s “Legend Of Bilbo Baggins.” Somebody call me when Manilow starts eying Jay Z’s catalog!

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