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The Difficult Betty Hutton

The song is “Rumble Rumble Rumble.” It is from the 1947 movie “The Perils Of Pauline” and if you are listening to it you are loving it. That is ape law!

This one is from the 1945 movie “The Stork Club” and it was a number one hit on the Billboard charts for Betty.

You can watch both The Perils Of Pauline and The Stork Club on archive.org because they are public domain. (Can you tell I just learned how to make an embedded link?)

Betty Hutton was one of Hollywood’s “difficult women.” Man I love the “difficult women!”  Most them had very troubled personal lives and Betty was no exception. Eventually mental health issues and addiction alienated her family, stole her career and left her destitute. But luckily Betty was “difficult.” She got sober, took a job in a Catholic church rectory and eventually the ninth grade dropout went back to school and got a masters degree then became a professor of comedic acting at Boston’s Emerson College. She passed away in 2007 at the age of 86. So to all the bold, brassy, bloody minded, beautiful, and other b-worded pioneers on my girl crush list I say thank you. By being “difficult,” you made it much easier for us modern career girls!

Betty Hutton’s Discourse on Discourse

I just read a cool little bio on Betty Hutton and I’ve officially added her to my list of girl crushes! This nifty performance is from the 1943 movie “Let’s Face It” and the song is Cole Porter’s “Let’s Not Talk About Love.” The song was first performed on Broadway and the lyrics were a bit more risque. They were changed in the movie to comply with the Hays Code. You can read the original lyrics here. They contain references to drugs, nudity and something called “spermatology” so you know they’re good!

When I get together with my girlfriends conversation almost invariably turns to matters of love but that seldom happens with my guy friends. That’s probably because most of my guy friends are “not on the market” for one reason or another so such conversations could get awkward fast. But like the song says there are lots and lots of other things to talk about. Most of my guy friends are nerds like me so most talk quickly reverts to The Dork Side. That’s better than squishy old girl talk any day ’cause there’s spaceships, and super powers and sometimes you get to wear your underpants on the outside of your clothes! And yes I realize that last part talks about underpants but it’s still totally geek speak. Such is the power of The Dork Side.

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