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Happy Mother’s Day!

“Battle Hymn Of The Republic” composer Julia Ward Howe was the first to call for the celebration of Mother’s Day in 1870 but Woodrow Wilson declared the official holiday in 1914. Many other countries have adopted the tradition as well.

Today’s video is the song “Baby Mine” from the 1941 movie “Dumbo.” It was performed by Betty Noyes who also dubbed the singing voice of Debbie Reynolds in the movie “Singing In The Rain.” We watch this movie pretty often at my house and I still cry every single time I watch this scene!


My Mother’s Day weekend started on Friday when I got my traditional made at school gift, a Dixie cup full of moist earth and a clearly deceased flower seed. This is exactly what I have gotten nearly every single year since my daughter started school at age 3.

Seriously, whatever happened to the macaroni jewelry we used to make back in my day? Sure it was hideous and unwearable but at least you got what you bargained for!


Today is still young but it’s already awesome! I got a beautiful bouquet of  hand picked dandelions.


Why don’t they plant these in the Dixie cup? At least we know they’ll grow!


A big Mother’s Day cookie that the Beautiful Girl decorated all by herself.

Mother's Day Cookie

She has offered to save me the burden of eating the frosting and sprinkles so that I can focus all my energy on the important cookie portion.


And the best (and probably earliest) hug and kiss any mom could ever want!

Hugging CartoonThis is not an actual photo of us but the resemblance is striking!


Later, my best girl is taking me out to dinner which she is paying for with her own money.

Chinese Takeout

I’m giving her the money of course.


I hope everyone who is able and inclined is celebrating with the people they care about. For everone else, happy National Coconut Cream Pie day!

coconut cream pie

Mmmm… I’m totally having pie when we go out later to kill two birds with one delicious and creamy stone!


P.S. The girl and I will be using the lifeless Mother’s Day soil to plant strawberry seeds. I doubt they’ll grow either though. As you can see our Beautiful Thumbs are not green. They are brown!

Beautiful Thumbs

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