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Basie And Boogie For Lesser Mortals

One You Tube commenter said he thought this video was being played back at a slightly higher than normal speed. I can see where he might have gotten that idea. “Basie Boogie” actually did start out as a much slower tune but over the years it evolved so that this is the correct tempo for this smokin, swingin number.

I think I’m pretty competent in both the “plain” and “with my bad self” varieties of getting down, but at first this video made me question my ability to boogie.¬† Then I realized that surely this is some super advanced god-like level of boogieing. There must be lower, more attainable tiers for us mere mortals. For example I may not have the scores to rate a Taste Of Honey¬† “Oogie Oogie” level of boogie proficiency, but I’m fairly certain even I can claim mastery of the “Bertha Butt Boogie!”


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