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Away We Go: A Buddy Picture

Last April I wrote a post where I called Buddy Rich a “legendary man-diva.” There’s really no point in me mentioning that except I was pretty proud of the quote. Buddy’s rants were quite legendary though. This is the first time we have mentioned Buddy Greco here. He started performing at age 4 and, at 85, he is still going strong!

In 1967 both men starred, along with a very young George Carlin, in a summer replacement series called “Away We Go.” I think the name came from the fact that it was replacing the Jackie Gleason show but that’s just speculation on my part. Unfortunately there’s not much Carlin in this clip but Buddy Rich’s band is performing “Only The Greatest” and Buddy Greco is singing “The Happening.” You Tube commenters seem to think Rich’s band is miming here.

Springtime weather has returned to our Beautiful Town! That means the Beautiful Girl is back in the great out of doors amongst her buddies, The Tribe of Outdoor Children. Everyone is a year older now and friendship isn’t quite as simple as “Look, we have the same color shirt” any more. There seem to be more squabbles this year. It’s giving my “Stay out of this B. It’s not your battle” muscles a serious workout! I know it is important to let kids learn how to handle their own conflicts and navigate their own friendship “bumps” but… but sometimes they’re saying mean things to my sweet, perfect and blameless angel! Okay, I have a pretty darn good kid but even I can’t say that with a straight face! So, I listen to her side of the story, issue hugs, occasionally wipe tears and send her back out into the sunshine to reconcile with her tribesmen by herself. It all seems to work out in the end. I’m sure this all gets MUCH easier when they hit puberty right? Oy…

Buddy Rich and the Tantrum Heard Round The World

Isn’t paradiddle an awesome word? I had to look it up because, aside from the fact that it relates to drumming, I had no idea what it meant. It’s a drum roll in which the the left and right hands alternate. I looked up a You Tube demonstration too because all drum rolls involve the left and right hand as far as I know. Paradiddle involves a couple hits with one hand then a couple hits with the other. It sounds a bit like the wheels of a train speeding over the track.

This is from 1956’s “This One’s For Basie.” The songs are Basie’s compositions but the Count does not actually appear on the album. I chose the song “Down For Double” because it has a couple excellent drum solos. Let’s enjoy Buddy Rich: musical genius and legendary show biz man-diva.

I think I have one of the few non-show biz jobs on the planet where I’m allowed to have tantrums. Granted, they’re other people’s tantrums and I’m just there to give them voice. But loudly and profanely defaming the character and questioning the parentage of complete strangers can be oddly cathartic sometimes.

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