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Music Box Dancer

While we’re on the subject of instrumental pop tunes that I really like, let’s listen to “Music Box Dancer.” It was written by Canadian composer Frank Mills and it was originally released in 1974 but it didn’t become a hit until it was re-released in 1978. Two news shows used it as their theme song in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Remember last week when I decided that the Beautiful Girl just HAD to play the recorder? Yeah, well it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t the right instrument for her. (Imagine dying geese. In heat. With adenoids.) Ah well, at 3 bucks, I could afford to let her retire with her dignity still intact.

You may also recall back in January I wrote that I own a keyboard from my own adventures in piano playing a few years back. I decided to excavate it from the back of the closet and let her try that instead. It turns out she’s a natural! She’s no Beethoven but she was able to pick out a song her very first day and she’s learned a couple more since. She plans to give her first concert this Saturday for her adoring fans. Tickets are free but guests (and Grandmas) are encouraged to leave egg and and bunny shaped candy tributes in the basket by the door.

Let’s Face It, Not All Star Wishes Were Meant To Come True

“When You Wish Upon A Star” was written by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington for the 1940 animated movie “Pinocchio.” It was first performed by Cliff Edwards who voiced Jiminy Cricket for the movie. This version is by the Keith Jarrett Trio. It was filmed in 1986 in Tokyo, Japan.

Speaking of wishes, y’all heard about this Ina Garten and the Make A Wish Foundation thing? Here’s the short story, apparently a sick boy wanted to cook with her. She said “no” and the media made her the witch of the week. My question is, why is it not okay to say “No?” Ina said her schedule didn’t permit it. If that’s true, how does being busy make her evil? Even if it wasn’t true and that was just an excuse to avoid meeting the young man, why shouldn’t celebs be allowed to, for whatever reason, say “I’m sorry, but right now I just don’t think I will be able to give you the wish experience you’re seeking” without becoming villains? You won’t hear me say this twice but I think Nancy Regan was right. People really should be allowed know their limits, set their boundaries and “Just say NO!”

Sammy On Jerry Lewis Telethon

Jerry Lewis began hosting the MDA Telethon in 1956. Since then he and countless celebrities have entertained audiences across several continents and raised millions of dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Jerry’s also ticked off a lot of people with disabilities who resent the use of pity to emotionally manipulate people into donating money. I found a half hour documentary on the subject that I thought was pretty good. Here’s a link to watch it online:

The Kids Are All Right

There’s no pity plea in this telethon clip though! It’s just Sammy Davis Jr’s fantastic rendition of “Great Come And Get It Day” from “Finian’s Rainbow.” On a side note, is it just me or is Sammy seriously limping in this video?

Even though I agree with the disability rights advocates and I haven’t tuned in to the telethon in decades, I can’t honestly say I stopped watching because of my strong commitment to civil rights. I just got bored with it. I’m grateful for clips like this that show us what an entertainment extravaganza this show was in its heyday, but I am also glad the telethon appears to be slowly fading away.

George Benson’s Soundtrack For The Life Mundane

Here’s a great song I found while blog surfing. It’s George Benson playing Stevie Wonder’s song “Lately.” The video is from his 2006 “Absolutely Live” DVD. The footage was actually filmed in 2000 at a concert in Belfast, Ireland.

With the song “Lately” in the post, I should probably use this section to recount my own tragic tales of love gone wrong or perhaps to share stories of all the exciting adventures I’ve been having “Lately.” Unfortunately the most exciting thing that happened to me today involved a six year old’s colon. The details aren’t nearly as exciting or romantic as you’d think! Of course it might be an interesting thought exercise to try to turn the day’s escapades into a tragic yet romantic adventure. I think I’ll call it “Plunge The Toilet Geyser Slowly.”

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