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Ramsey Lewis, Taking It To Church, And Me

Ramsey Lewis started following me on Twitter a few months ago so I thought I’d talk about him. He’s a Grammy winning pianist who hosted a syndicated jazz radio show for years. The show was cancelled when the local Chicago affiliate changed station formats. Ramsey is still very active in Chicago jazz scene and he recently released a new CD called “Songs From The Heart.” There are no videos from the new CD yet but I will try to post one if they show up. I decided to post his 1966 version of “Wade In The Water.” It was clearly arranged to appeal to the rock and roll crowd and it worked. This record went gold for the Ramsey Lewis Trio.

This song reminds me of the few times I went to my grandmother’s church. I think everyone should go to a Black baptist church service. Even if you are not religiously inclined, it’s a musical experience you won’t forget. Despite my grandmother’s valiant attempts to redeem me, I still grew up to be a heathen. But, I am a heathen with a few gospel CDs in her collection. Perhaps there’s hope for me yet!

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