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American Airlines In Astro Color

There’s absolutely no info on this groovy film on the ‘net so I have crafted one of my patented slightly factual, mostly made up but pretty plausible sounding explanations. In the 60s air travel was still quite expensive so only wealthy people did it and they tended to travel mostly for business. In order to expand the market to travel for pleasure, American Airlines made this little feature to show the idle rich that flying could be fun! I have no idea what the song is or who’s performing but I’ve been humming it all day.

The one article I looked at said air travel became affordable for the Average Joe in the 70s. I know no one in my family ever got on a plane until the 70s. Well, no one except my Beautiful Uncle when they sent him off to Vietnam. The same Beautiful Uncle is the “star” of my very last celebrities in airports story. I wasn’t even there but it happened in my family so I’m claiming it.

This is a picture of the music group The Fifth Dimension:

The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension

See that big handsome guy with the beard on the far right? His name is Ron Townson and back in the 70s my Beautiful Uncle was a dead ringer for him. My uncle was also quite the ladies man so when a very attractive woman walked up to him in the San Francisco airport and asked if he was guy from The Fifth Dimension, he did what any self respecting ladies man would do and he answered “Why yes, as a matter of fact I am.”

The problem was that other people overheard the exchange and suddenly he had a crowd of folks all wanting his autograph. Since he was already committed to the story my uncle grabbed a pen and started signing stuff. He says he gave about 20 autographs that day. My uncle had no idea what Ron Townson’s name was. He just signed his own name to whatever people put in front of him. I wonder how long it took those people to realize the autograph was bogus. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were still a few cocktail napkins pressed into scrapbooks out there signed by the world’s most famous building superintendent!

Bill Evans And My Unexpected Level Of Sophistication

Here’s Bill Evans with the theme some for the movie “The Americanizaiton Of Emily”

“The Americanization of Emily” is a Julie Andrews movie that I’ve never seen! I’ve probably mentioned it like 8000 times but it bears repeating. I LOVE Julie Andrews! I found the movie streaming online so I’ll definitely be watching it this week.

I love the Bill Evans version of this song. Johnny Mercer, who I also love, wrote beautiful lyrics for it so I also really like the Tony Bennett version. Sinatra also sang the song but I think Bennett sounds more besotted and this is definitely a song that requires a bit of moony eyed passion.

I love the trivia I pick up writing in this blog. I thought it was interesting that this clip was from 1970 but it was in black and white. It turns out most of Europe didn’t get color TV until the mid-seventies.  The mid seventies was also when we traded our old black and white set for a new (to us) color set. I always thought we were just sorta broke because my mom was young and just starting out. But it turns out we were just “continental!”

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