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Louis, Ella, and What’s For Dinner?

“Blue Skies: The Irving Berlin Songbook.” I don’t own it but I should! It’s got some of my all time favorite artists performing beautiful Berlin compositions.  With Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Ethel Waters, and Dinah Washington on the same album I have no idea how I missed it.

The video cuts the song off rather abruptly but I think most of it is there. The footage was taken from someone’s hotel window overlooking Paris on a rainy day. I have no idea what the buildings are in the distance but they look terribly historical. I will get there and find out for myself someday!

NOTE: Time for the old Non Sequitur tag again. We were talking about dinner.

I have never been much of an evening meal planner. Dinner plans usually get made on the drive home from work. Half the time I’m still pondering when I get to the sitter to pick up the kiddo. I usually come up with a respectable meal plan by the time we hit the driveway but, occasionally, golden arches happen. They say people who plan two weeks, a month or a year in advance save money, calories, time and lots of worries and stress. When I read articles about this sort of thing I always think “I want to be thinner, richer, and more mellow (like a skinny late’ from Starbucks). I should really do that!” And I will do that, soon. Just don’t ask me what’s for dinner tomorrow.

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